What is BBX?

BBX stands for Business-to-Business Exchange. It is a global chamber of commerce with thousands of members that trade goods and services with each other using BBX Digital Trade Credits (DTC). BBX’s platform offers a vast network that can enable businesses to expand their reach both locally and globally.

What are the benefits of joining BBX?
  • New customers. You can access a large network of potential buyers who are looking for your products or services, and who are willing to pay with BBX Digital Trade Credits (DTC).
  • Improve cashflow – Conserve cash by DTC. You can use DTC to purchase goods and services from other BBX members, saving your cash for other expenses.
  • Increase profits. You can sell your excess inventory or idle capacity to other BBX members, generating additional revenue and reducing wastage. You can also use DTC to lower your costs and improve your margins.
  • Dedicated Trading Manager who constantly promote your business and who is NOT on your payroll. You can rely on a professional and experienced Trading Manager who will help you find new opportunities, market your business, and facilitate your transactions. You do not have to pay any salary or commission to your Trading Manager, as they are part of the BBX service.
  • Buying at cost value. You can buy goods and services from other BBX members at their cost value, which means you are getting the best possible price. 
  • Improve the balance sheet and increase the sale value of your business. You can improve your financial position by using DTC to reduce your liabilities and increase your assets. You can also enhance the value of your business by showing a higher turnover and a larger customer base.
  • Interest FREE line of credit. You can access a DTC credit line that is interest-free and does not require any collateral or security. You can use this credit line to finance your purchases or investments, without paying any interest or fees.
  • Wider exposure. You can increase your visibility and brand awareness by being part of the BBX network. You can also leverage the BBX marketing channels, such as the BBX website, app, social media, newsletters, and events, to promote your business to a wider audience.
  • More referrals (WOM & Social media reviews). You can benefit from the word-of-mouth and online recommendations from other BBX members, who will share their positive experiences with your business. You can also increase your online reputation by getting more reviews and ratings on social media platforms.
  • Network with like-minded business owners. You can connect and collaborate with other BBX members, who are also entrepreneurs and innovators. You can exchange ideas, insights, and advice, and create mutually beneficial partnerships.
How does BBX work?

Businesses trade goods and services with other members in exchange for BBX Digital Trade Credit (“DTC”). They then use these DTCs to pay for what they need.

BBX acts as a third-party record keeper and trade facilitator. 

What types of businesses are using BBX?

The BBX solution works for any type of business.

Within BBX, we have all different types of businesses ranging from Hospitality and Tourism. Professional Services. Legal. Accounting, Personal services, Media. Arts and Entertainment, Building and Construction, Logistics, Transport, Charities, Education and Training. Health and Beauty. Home Services. Manufacturing and Supply to Retail.

How do I know if BBX is right for my business?

Unless your business is operating at a full capacity and you don’t need more customers, BBX is for you and will assist you and your business in many ways. Regardless of the size or number of years you are in business, every company has some form of “unsold time”, “slow-moving stock” or “unsold hotel rooms” or “empty seats at restaurants.”

BBX can help to change this and supports businesses in turning zero income into BBX Digital Trade Credit (“DTC”). These trade credits can be used to improve the cash flow of the business or improve the lifestyle of the proprietors.

How do I get started?

Schedule a call with us and our on boarding team will call you within 24 hours to complete the opening of your account. They will consult with you on planned trading activities – placing purchasing within the BBX network to save cash on current and future expenditure to provide immediate positive results.

Have more questions?

Contact us today and get a free consultation with our experienced and qualified consultants. Don’t miss this opportunity to take your business to the next level.